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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

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Many of us have been taking protein shake before and after workout. BUT here are some annoying problems I have, are you facing the same ones too?

- Most protein shakes taste strange. - There are often lumps even after trying to shake them for a long time, so the texture is really not nice. - My stomach gets upset when I take whey protein because I have lactose intolerance...

- I am looking for a healthy weight management solution

- I am too busy to grab my breakfast or prepare nutritious breakfast for my kids, and I need a solution!

In this article we will be sharing a few key factors for us when we choose our protein shake. Read on if you resonate with the above and are keen to learn more.

Factor #1: The ingredients

We have covered how protein could help our bodies in the previous article. So in this article we are going to discuss two common types of protein shake we can easily access in the market – Whey protein and Pea protein.

We all know Whey protein is produced from milk, whereas Pea protein is plant-based. It is no doubt vegans would go for plant-based option but what if you are a non-vegan? In Asia, many of us have lactose intolerance, drinking whey protein shake really causing me the discomfort such as having diarrhoea and bloating. The painful personal experience forced me to look for an alternative, that’s how I found out pea protein works a lot better. For most people, plant based protein is a better choice for our bodies as it doesn’t cause the above mentioned discomfort.

Now, among many pea protein shakes available in the market we probably want to choose a All-natural, Allergen-free, safe and high quality product. And if you are constantly watching your weight, you really should pick the ones with extremely low in carbohydrates (Only less than 2 grams of carbs per serving).

Nuzest Clean Lean protein is by far the most effective pea protein that fits into our needs and wants. Each 25grams serving contains 19 grams to 21 grams of protein depending on the flavour, and all of them have close to 0 gram sugar contained. Their pea protein is made from pure European Golden Peas, grown in Northern France, and processed and blended to the highest standards in Belgium. Strict growing conditions and chemical-free processing are put in place to ensure the high safety and quality standards are met.

Factor #2: Taste & Texture

If you have read the Protein Bars article we published previously, you would know we believe finding a healthy product that tastes good is incredibly important because we will feel more motivated to eat healthy and develop more healthy habits in the long-run.

Nuzest offers 8 different flavours to choose from, my personal preference and recommendation would be Rich chocolate, Smooth Vanilla and Vanilla Matcha flavours. Some protein shakes have strong taste and smell of artificial flavouring but you won’t find the same in Nuzest products, they taste and smell natural so you don’t have to mix them with soy milk or other drinks to cover the awful taste. If you can’t decide which flavour you want to try out, they do have Taster Pack available. Once you are landed at its home page, simply head over to SHOP >> SHOP ALL and you will see various options for different needs.

To find out what flavours are available: Click here

Other than taste, the texture is important for protein shake too. Nuzest protein powder is pretty easy to mix, you only have to shake it for less than 15 seconds before it’s ready to drink. It is a little fluffy, very smooth and have no lumps at all. Take a look at the short video at the top of this article, watch the video and you would understand what I mean.

Factor #3: Affordability & Availability

One of the biggest hesitations to purchase protein shake online is the shipping cost because they are so heavy... Yes, we hear you! Here is a good news for you if you are residing in Singapore or Malaysia 😊. Nuzest currently offers FREE shipping for all orders in Malaysia and Singapore, grab it before the offer disappears!

Other than the usual tub packaging, you can also get your protein powder in sachet form if you are traveling for holiday or for work. The convenient 10 packs of single-serve sachets box is definitely a great help to keep you motivated in keeping up your routine no matter where you are.

To find out what flavours are available: Click here

Once you are landed at its website, simply head over to SHOP >> SHOP ALL and you will see various options for different needs.

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The Pros & Cons, and Verdict


· All-natural ingredients

· Vegan

· No artificial sweeteners

· Non dairy

· Superior taste

· Multiple packaging options designed for different needs

· Non protein taste

· High protein contained (19g to 21g per serving)

· FREE delivery in Singapore and Malaysia


· If you do purchase the shaker it is convenient to use but slightly difficult to clean.

· The prices are slightly high as Nuzest does not compromise its premium quality.


For our team this pea protein is so far the best that we have tried in every way.

Nuzest pea protein is as pure and clean as it tastes. Nothing to upset your stomach so you can enjoy it many times a day if your need to. Your body will thank you for the reward of getting great nutrition. High amount of pure protein in every shake with very low carbs and nothing like artificial sweetener or any bad stuff. Super texture, easily blended. Tastes clean, fresh and not overly sweet (unlike many others out there) with natural nice smell from the quality peas and flavour.

If you are searching for great quality protein and you don’t mind to pay for it, you should give it a try. If our Vegan friends wonder . . OF COURSE it's vegan :-)

A small tip from us – Buy the 1kg tub will bring down the price per serving, since the delivery is FREE, let’s save some money by getting the big tub 😉

We hope you enjoy our sharing, and by now you should have a better idea of what you should consider when choosing your protein shake.

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