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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Study finds Singaporeans are among the world's worst sleepers. Four in ten Singaporeans said that their sleep has worsened in the past five years. Three in five respondents also said that they wake up at least once during the night. So, YES - you are not alone. But what can we do to get a better sleep?

In this article, we will be sharing some common myths about sleep and where you can learn and practice new habits to improve your sleep quality before needing to see a sleep specialist. Read on if you are keen to learn more.

Sleep Disorder vs Disordered sleep

Do you know that a sleep disorder and disordered sleep are two different things? Sleep disorder is a formal medical diagnosis which requires assistance and treatment from a specialist. Whereas disordered sleep is the struggle to have quality sleep and waking up feeling unrested or unrefreshed.

The good news is majority of us have disordered sleep, and we can help ourselves by applying new habits to get better sleep!

Common myths about sleep

We get many misinformation from the internet that impacts our beliefs about sleep. Here are a few examples we've sorted out for you.

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Myth #1 - An adult needs 8 hours of sleep each night.

Well, the truth is everyone needs a different amount of sleep and we can learn how to determine exactly how many hours of bed time we need.

Myth #2 - If I don't get the right amount of sleep, I have to catch up on the next day or over the weekend.

This is usually not true. Most of us can still function on less than optimal sleep and we don't need to sleep super long hours over the weekend to catch up. In fact, it will confuse our body clock and make it more difficult to us to fall asleep the same time at night.

Myth #3 - Alcohol before bed helps me sleep.

It very much depends on how much alcohol we drink and when you drink it, alcohol right before bed has a negative impact on sleep quality. We pass out quickly but we don't sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

Myth #4 - If I continue not sleeping well, I will have serious health issues.

Sleep affects our immune functions but is rarely the cause of health issues. However having good sleeps may help us better manage our weight and in turn we have better health overall.

Learn HOW to get better sleep

Next, we will be sharing an eye-opening learning experience of an online Sleep Mastery program we completed recently. The program is conducted by Dr. Michael Breus Ph.D, the expert in Sleep as well as an author of 3 bestselling books on sleep. As the Sleep Doctor, he was one of the youngest people at age 31 to have passed the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

The 28-day program is designed to focus on Disordered Sleep, and it helps us improve our sleep quality by applying the new habits without medication. In other words, if you have serious chronic disease or other serious sickness that affects your routine, you should seek advice from your doctor for specific treatment or medication, all sleep disorder cases should be treated on case-by case basis.

There are both audio and video available for each day, on average we spent about 15 minutes to watch the program. For people having problems set aside time to sit down and watch the video, you can also listen to the audio clip while traveling to work. The program is designed to systematically hack your environment and your hormonal system to trigger deep sleep based on your unique circadian rhythm (also known as chronotype).

The biggest take-away for this online program was determining own chronotype and being able to follow the specific recommended routines. The customized and personalized approach to deep and restful sleep is unique yet practical. Understanding our chronotype is incredibly important especially you have a partner sleeping with you, knowing each other's chronotype will help both of you to work out the schedule that suits your daily routine even if you are a parent with young children.

For example, we are able to calculate our bed time according to our own chronotype to achieve better sleep quality and enough sleep time. Tools and very specific assignment were also given after each day to make the program as easy and effective as possible, without the sleep tracker we wouldn't have found out the pattern and make effective adjustments.

Screenshot of the user friendly learning platform

WHY should we care

We know better sleep not only helps us improve our health in general, it also has many other clear benefits such as Stress Reduction, Elevated Productivity, Fortified Immune System and even Weight Management.

In this article, we take Weight Management as an example. Some people watch their diet and exercise regularly but they just don't achieve the desired results. Are you one of these people?

Other than Nutrition and Exercise, Sleep is another crucial pillar to our well-being. However Sleep is often the forgotten pillar. A night of healthy rejuvenating sleep can result in improved weight loss, a more resilient immune system, better productivity at work, and much much more. In this program, Dr Breus covered all 3 pillars of wellness, provided specific advice and recommendations of food and drink, and the exercises and stretches would help to improve our sleep. For instances, can we drink coffee and when should we drink it, and when is the best time to do exercises according to our chronotypes! He also explained in details the relationship between Sleep and Weight-loss, you surely won't want to miss it. There are a lot more to discover during and after the 28 days.

After attending many online courses, the structure and pace of this Mastery of Sleep program are one of the best. The platform is user friendly, we are allowed to revisit the session anytime we want or catch up any session we missed some days. The tools and technology make complicated topics easy to understand and integrate for results.

If you are not sure if the 28-day program is for you, we encourage you sign up the 60 minutes FREE online masterclass to find out more, click here to register.

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We hope you enjoyed our sharing and gained some knowledge about sleep.

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